Square Roots – “Autumn Feels”

If there’s one thing we love at Square Roots, it’s color.

As an essential part of the design and custom-finish of every piece of furniture we make, color is something we’re literally always thinking about.

It’s also why our favorite season is without doubt Autumn or ‘Fall’ for our friends in America. No other time of the year provides as much inspiration, or motivation, for us to get to work on new designs – designs that reflect the amazingly vibrant, yet earthy hues of what we see in mother nature. As one of Square Roots’ core philosophy’s, it’s something we like to do well.

Having all but said farewell to our favorite season for this year though, we thought it was timely to share some ‘Autumn Feels’ of our own. Check out the spectacular colours from Stourhead in the South West of England, that we saw on a recent trip ‘home’.

For a consultation on color and how we create each unique Square Roots piece, please feel free to get in touch!