Ever since we opened our Ho Chi Minh City workshop in 2007, with only 25 workers, we’ve prided ourselves on a strong team culture.

Now, over 14 years later, with a more than 350-strong family, the bonds of team spirit are more important to us than ever. Our highly-talented and loyal local workforce is the beating heart of what makes Square Roots the business that it is.



Human resource manager

Technical leader - white wood

Team spirit

We see our employees as family. That’s why we continually seek to improve factory working conditions. And why we hold regular team social events, such as staff football tournaments. One of the highlights of the year is our three-day trip to the coast with the entire workforce and their families.

But our sense of community goes beyond the factory walls. We invest and participate in education programs, as well as contributing hundreds of chairs and desks to secondary schools in the surrounding areas.

Design Collaborators

While founders Ed and Justin chart the creative course at Square Roots, they have developed close bonds with a select group of designers.

These talented individuals have spent a good deal of time absorbing the essence of our brand and we thank them for their valuable creative input.