Trees are a cherished ancient resource. So when it comes to making furniture, we want to embrace their natural wonder, not bend them to our will.

We draw on age-old joinery techniques, artisan craftsmanship, mid-century design and precision equipment, to create stunning furniture that reflects the beauty of the precious materials we use.

We see the wood for the trees

The wood we use is full of character, beautifully varied and carefully sourced. Our approach to design, and the skills we have mastered bring out the beauty in wood, and illuminate the soul of trees. We don’t see defects and mask them. We spot differences and embrace them.

“Love of wood is something that all mankind has in common. Regardless of where people come from, they cannot stop themselves from letting their hands stroke a piece of wood, hold it, sniff it, and experience the material.”

— Hans Wegner

Material truths

We put much time and effort into finding materials, so we treat them with love. Our leathers are full grain hides that are never paint sprayed. Our metals are cast and patinated in time-honoured ways. Our linens and cottons are processed using traditional methods. It is possible to torture materials so they lie, but we never would.

Revealing character

We use ancient skills to make and apply the finishes that illuminate the natural character of the wood we use. Like alchemists, we develop our finishes through experimentation, trial and error. Part art, part science, these finishes are unique to us, and they have a unique effect on every Square Roots piece.