The finest Belgian linens, timber from the slow-growth forest of Burgundy, and luxurious Italian leather, we source high-quality, sustainable materials from artisan suppliers the world over.

The forests of Burgundy

We source our wood from family-run timber suppliers, Eurochene, based in the Jura region of Eastern France, in the heart of the Burgundy wine region. Their French oak is a hard and heavy timber, a result of careful silviculture over several generations. With distinctive grain patterns and beautiful pale colour, rich in character.

Belgian linen

Artisans in Belgium have been passionately working with this natural fiber for centuries. Our linen supplier, Libeco is no different. The business has been transforming this sustainable fiber into stunning fabric since 1858.

Italian leather

We source the finest Italian leather from state-of-the-art tanneries in Italy. Our suppliers are fully accredited and operated to the highest standards of animal husbandry and environmental sustainability. We make sure we are promoting good farming by working with hide from traceable sources and of the best quality.

Finishing materials

We believe our finishes should be as natural as the timber they protect. That’s why we work closely with our supplier, Fiddes. A four-generation, family-owned business in Cardiff, they’ve developed a natural finishing oil, with modern resins, to our exact requirements.