Care & Maintenance

To clean or wipe up any spills use a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent. Never leave spillages – remove them immediately with a blotting action. For protection against heat and liquids use tablemats and coasters.

Any objects on the surface need to be moved regularly to avoid shading and when writing, a mat should be used to protect surfaces from marking.

Every six to twelve months, depending on usage, surfaces can be rubbed back lightly with a mild abrasive such as a fine scotch brite pad (No. 96) or some fine wire wool (000 Grade).

Then apply a thin coat of furniture oil with a soft, lint free cloth, we recommend Fiddes hard wax oil. Be careful to keep the application even, Coverage should be between 80 – 100 ml per square meter.

The oil will be completely dry after 3-4 hours and can then be lightly rubbed again to even out any streaks or smears.

If damage occurs, the oiled finish can be repaired.

A dent, scratch or stain should be carefully sanded back using sand paper. Make sure to sand an area around the damage and not just the small damaged spot, as this will make it easier to match in the repair. Clean away all dust, and using a soft cloth, apply an even coat of oil over the whole area.

When this is dry, check to see if it needs another light coat to match the surrounding area. Finally rub the whole surface to create a seamless repair.