Balam Bed

US & UK King & Queen


Oak, Engineered Oak, Birch, Brass


L260 × W213 × H100 CM
L280 × W213 × H100 CM
L253 × W214 × H100 CM
L293 × W214 × H100 CM

We all know the power of a good night’s sleep and the proportion of our lives that we spend in bed, so, the ultimate bed made with natural, sustainable materials, supreme comfort and a bold design is something worth searching for.

With FSC certified, birch, slats for flexibility and perfect support for all mattress types, a wide headboard displaying beautiful oak grain and a choice of either shelves or drawers the Balam bed is the result of that search.

Drawers are made from solid maple with turned legs and round brass handles they create a subtle softness and a feel of quality throught the whole range.

Balam Bed detail
Balam Bed detail
Balam Bed detail