Valerie Gregori McKenzie curates Square Roots @ IFFS

Art Director Valerie Gregory McKenzie has worked with Square Roots to curate their exhibition space at this year’s International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS).

Well known as the creator of fashion-lifestyle brand Song – favored by celebrities and featured in fashion editorials worldwide – Valerie has since worked as a consultant on multiple resort and hotel projects throughout Asia.

For Square Roots exhibition at the IFFS, she says she’s put the focus on simplicity, purity and what she describes as ‘no excess’.

“With the space in Singapore we’ve just tried to create an ambience with the product, and for people to come and feel that they feel good,” Valerie said.

“Square Roots is an authentic brand, the wood is fantastic, the craftsmanship is there, and there are several details that highlight those qualities. My job is to bring just a few items that emphasize what already exists.”

In her role as Art Director, Valerie has also brought in the talents of several other creators to make the Square Roots space work. These are photographer Emile Kirsch, who’s macro-mural will form a large part of Square Roots display, lighting director Henri Bursztyn, who will deftly illuminate Justin and Ed’s featured pieces, and Delphine Vincent, who’s word paintings will complete the final piece of Square Root’s aesthetic, and what Valerie calls a ‘framework for interpretation’.

“Everything that I’ve selected to be part of Square Root’s booth has been selected to highlight the authenticity of their products,” said Valerie. “We have created a space that allows everybody to interpret Square Roots furniture for their own market, wherever that might be.”

See Square Roots @IFFS between March 9-12. Booth #5E-42. Go to for more details.