Square Roots finds new partners in Japan

For generations, lovers of design have looked East for inspiration. Treasuring centuries-old Japanese detail and innovation, the country’s woodwork, architecture and furniture-making, has long been synonymous with outstanding quality.

George Nakashima, the son of migrant Japanese parents, was one of the earliest pioneers in bringing this aesthetic, and commitment to excellence to a wider audience.

Born in America and educated there, after earning his master degree in architecture from M.I.T in 1931, he booked a ticket to his ancestral home and developed his talent to become one of the father’s of the American craft movement. In 1983, he accepted the Order of the Sacred Treasure, an honor bestowed upon him by the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese government.

Square Roots has always held Nakashima’s work in high regard, citing his influence in their mission to create modern furniture with clean lines, and a natural, organic spirit.

For this reason, it makes perfect sense that Square Root’s range of high quality, hand-crafted furniture should now be beginning to appear in some of Japan’s top lifestyle retailers such as Asplund, Timeless Comfort and Journal Standard. Working together since the middle of this year, Justin and Edward are proud of their association with these companies who demand exacting standards, a focus on detail and an appreciation of craft from their select group of suppliers – just as George Nakashima did of all of his students.

Square Roots partnership with these respected retailers represents a new standard for the brand, one that both owners feel will have positive quality implications for their entire customer base.

Timeless Comfort will carry Kulu, Siva and Nexa ranges in ten of their stores dotted around the country. You can visit their website here and you’ll see other Square Roots products appearing soon at Journal Standard here