Square Roots continues to expand in Asia, U.S after IFFS

Following impressive feedback on Square Roots booth at this years’ International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS), Justin and Ed’s hand-crafted furniture has been finding more admirers in Asia and in the U.S.

“We launched 5 new collections in Singapore,” said Ed, “MIRO, TORO, SARA, MALI and OLLO, and extended our NEXA range adding upholstery.”
“All of these collections have been selling well.”
Acknowledging the work put in at Singapore – the Square Roots stand even won ‘Best Bedroom Collection’ at the event – Ed thanked those involved.
“In Singapore, this years’ booth was larger, better designed and had a superior layout. Thanks chiefly to art director Valerie Gregori McKenzie and Lexie Stoddart, we managed to strike a balance between showing a lot of product and telling our story.”
Also acknowledging the success of Singapore, Justin confirmed new partners in Asia and in the U.S, and said he was pleased with how the new products had been received.  “The majority of our major customers have all expanded their agreements with Square Roots and taken on all of the new ranges, which is very satisfying.”
The pair also introduced a new service at the annual fair;
“As well as the new furniture designs, we were excited to present for the first time a range of decorative accessories to merchandise the product.
“This is an important step for the Square Roots brand and we look forward to working with many of you in implementing this level of design-led curation in your stores.”