Designing and making a great chair is the ultimate challenge for a woodworker. Creating a pleasing design, an ergonomic shape and a structure with strength and stability is no easy task, it’s no wonder some of the 20th century greats spent an entire lifetime perfecting the art.

Hans Wegner stands out as the greatest of them all and like so many we have taken inspiration from his work in creating our portfolio of chair designs.

We have the skills of an experienced Italian chair specialist to execute them in production, our confidence and ambition as chair makers is growing fast as we launch new models. Keep watching this space!

Dimensions in cm
All below available in fabric & leather


54 L x 55 W x 71 H
Ebonised oak


53 L x 53 W x 79 H
Seared oak


45 L x 53 W x 83 H
Fumed oak


48 L x 54 W x 83 H
Seared oak , black steel


61 L x 61 W x 82 H
Seared oak


49 L x 62 W x 85 H
Seared oak


49 L x 53 W x 77 H
Seared oak

Soli Armchair

46 L x 52 W x 83 H
Seared oak , black steel


64 L x 85 W x 72 H
Ebonised oak

Turned Chair

46 L x 53 W x 84 H
Fumed oak


51 L x 51 W x 75 H
Seared oak , light brass


55 L x 53 W x 73 H
Ebonised oak , black steel

Slung chair

50 L x 49 W x 82 H
Seared Oak , Leather seat

Gianna chair

55 L x 51 W x 75 H
Seared Oak

Limonio chair

47 L x 52 W x 78 H
Ebonised Oak